Happy Birthday!

Today, Lyla turned two months old!! We celebrated with cake and ice cream and of course momma made her a special shirt to wear :-)

Phew, what a busy week we had this last week!! Three doctor appointments (pediatrician and gastro specialist), two home nurse visits, and a couple of rough nights. Lyla is up to 5lbs 8oz, which means that she has managed to gain 10oz in the last 8 weeks. I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already! Lyla's breathing "spells" increased this last week, so we now have oxygen at the house to administer to her when she needs it. She's not to fond of anything touching her nose (including my kisses) so she doesn't seem to like the nasal canula very much, but it seems to help her out during feedings, so she doesn't fight it too much. The specialist recommended that we give the ng tube a try for feedings. I don't want her to forgot how to eat, so I am willing to give the ng tube a try in conjuction with oral, we will see how things go next week.

Big brother Matthew is always looking after his sister. Not to mention, giving her lots of kisses!


Lyla was finally able to meet her best friend, Amaiyah! Amaiyah had to have open heart surgery, so it took awhile for the two to meet, but once they did it was best friends at first sight :-)

Special Poem - Angels Unaware

I read this poem and had to share it with you...

The gift I give to you will not be made of gold,but it’s beauty is more splendid and precious to behold.
The hands of man could not defile this gift so pure and sweet for it’s constructed by a higher being with whom man cannot compete.
The very presence of this gift can warm the human heart.The joy it brings is heavenly, and never will depart.
I’ll give you mountains of laughter, but there’ll be some valley’s too.I will not leave you comfortless... I’ll be right here for you.
Not everyone can have this gift. You are chosen see.I looked upon the earth below, and saw that YOU would be.
I will give you extra strength which you will need to tarry;and if you’ll call upon my name, your burdens I will carry.
There will be ones who don’t understand, they have not eyes to seethe beauty of this special gift; given to you, from me.
Lift up your arms, receive with joy the special gift I bear.My chosen ones, I give to you an Angel...unaware.